Reviews and Praise for the Gastronomical Tourist



“With humor and irrepressible enthusiasm, Arthur Bloomfield shares a lifetime of food and travel memories in this utterly engaging cookbook.”  —  Alice Waters

 “Nabokov at the stove; does for food what Henry Miller did for sex.”  — Dan Duncan 

“The writing is fun and energetic, the recipes exuberant and inviting.”  — Carlo Middione

“A thoroughly delightful read, chock full of whimsy, sweetness, culinary wisdom, and transporting evocations of places, people, and repasts.”  — Jean Galeazzi

“One of the most entertainingly original food books I’ve read in years.”  — Stephanie von Buchau

“A delight: personal, quirky and loving.”  — Patricia Unterman

“…Very enjoyable reading.  It has the feeling and tempo of cookbooks in an earlier time.”  — Joyce Goldstein

“A cosmopolitan kaleidoscope that takes the breath away.” — Ricardo Hernandez

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